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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Do you know...
Do you know the main porpuse for dynamic systems is the ability to rapidly make changes in content and form?
Do you know new technologies do not expect websites merely as an adverticement board but a means for information process?
Do you know EvrinSoft's products are on a Portal based technoklogy and are easyly subject for progress?
Do you know EvrinSoft's products take advantage of an Error Reporting System and there is no need for customers to report any probable application errors?
Domain Registration / Hosting
EvrinSoft has started to provide customerts with Domain Registration / Hosting Services as an OpenSRS official reseller.
For further information please contact us via this email: 
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About EvrinSoft Company

Today, technological developments in various fields have produced new and innovative tools which, years ago, everyday users would never have considered possible. Among these developments, progress in various branches of computer and internet sciences are of great significance, because the pace of this progress is measured by day. These days, software systems are complex systems which inherit their complexity from their underlying companies. This is the reason why the term Enterprise Application is derived from Enterprise Organization.
EvrinSoft’s managers have eight years experience in system software development, particularly web applications, and are proud to offer their customers the world’s latest computer technology.
Increased automation (resulting from requirements for high-speed processing) and the necessity to extract various types of reports, have motivated us to enhance our knowledge and experience and to put these abilities into the hands of our customers.
Even though Information Technology is a young science, we make use of its most recent techniques and methodologies.
Many Iranian companies are either developing old-fashioned websites or are merely software companies with the ability to develop desktop applications.
EvrinSoft utilizes Microsoft’s Multi-Tier architecture based on .NET Technology, the C# programming language, and the SQL Server to design, develop, and implement various internet and intranet software projects.
We feel privileged to serve our customers’ needs using our experience and knowledge.

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